Daphne Marks | “Bush Onion Dreaming”


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Daphne Marks “Bush Onion Dreaming 
30 x 30 cm x 2 cm 
Acrylic on canvas - Pre-stretched 
Community of Haast Bluff, NT, Australia 



$45 Standard Australia 
$65 Worldwide 


This painting shows the Yalka Dreaming (bush onion) which is situated in a place called Analy, close to Town Bore Outstation. Bush onions grow after the rain and are collected by all the women. The yalka are found underneath the surface and can be eaten raw or cooked in the hot sand next to the campfire. Paintings referring to this Dreaming show diverse motifs such as plants, leaves, seeds, layers or roots. Daphne Marks’ particularly vibrant paintings evoke the newly emerged wild flowers after the rains. Daphne is a successful emerging artist, whose artworks are being collected internationally, including in France. 


The artwork is accompanied by the official Aboriginal art centre’s certificate of authenticity. 

The artist’s complete biography will also be provided when available. 



IDAIA is a French-Australian organisation specialised in contemporary Indigenous Australian art, based in Sydney and Paris. Passionate about strengthening the ethical contemporary Indigenous creation sector, we work primarily with the official Aboriginal art centres, that is the 90+ Indigenous-owned, not-for-profit artist cooperatives spread across Australia, and are a proud signatory member of the Indigenous Art Code. 

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