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Launched in October 2017, The French Market is an e-commerce platform that uniquely offers products to and by French and Australians. We hope to further establish the bond between the two culturally rich countries.

Our range of French-made products on offer, are sourced from artisans who help uphold the reputation of quality and tradition, which France is famous for worldwide. Browse our made in France marketplace for items such as:

• Vintage posters of famous French regions – work by artists like Michel Canotti
• Classic French household brands
• French apparel, jewellery and accessories – handcrafted by passionate artisans
• French homewares; provincial-style furniture, decorations and knickknacks
• Food and other items embracing French artistic culture

The French Market is truly an innovative platform, providing access to a vast selection of the best items from France and Australia.

Our Australian range offers the French community, both in Australia and abroad, the option of obtaining authentic souvenirs that are locally made and not massproduced.
This includes exquisite pieces from Indigenous Australian artists, paintings of iconic Australian landmarks and even traditional Australian instruments, woodworks and clothing.


Contact: info@thefrenchmarket.com.au

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