From Alsace to Normandy, from Brittany to the Pyrenees, from Provence to Corsica, every corner of France has a delicious discovery. In France, each cheese reveals a terroir. Each species, a dairy tradition and each family, a particular transformation. The technique of making cheese, its weight, its shape, and in fine, its ripening which completes its taste, all depend on a particular milk quality and know-how. We selected a special selection of french cheese just for you : 
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Grand Cru du Jura - Cow -Raw milk - 250 g
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Brie Royal Faucon - Cow
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Moulis Sheep and Goat - Pasteurised - 250 g
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Saint Nectaire Cow - Pateurised - 250g
Chabichou goat - pasteurised - 150g
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Camember Cheese "Le Vieux Porche"
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