5 reasons why Australians are such fans of the French Market

5 reasons why Australians are such fans of the French Market

Created in 2017, The French Market has been the reference website for artisanal products. It offers a combination of both French and Australian local creations, not yet seen in the e-commerce world. Browsing its pages, you discover a visual feast of one-of-a-kind products. But what makes this website one of the favourite of Australian? Here are the 5 reasons why …


1 – To find the best French clothes and accessories

For 2 years now, the French Market promotes top of the range French clothes such as the Saint-James genuine marinière created in Britany or the made in France espadrilles from French Espadrille. If you prefer accessorizes, you are also at the right place as The French Market sells tote bags with your favourite French quotes as well as trendy Gas jewels.


2 – To buy French food

Do you want to eat as a true Parisian? The French Market provides you with the best specialities from the French territory. From the iconic saucisson, to the tasty caviar through the traditional foie gras the whole French cuisine is available.


3- To purchase unique art pieces

Attached to art, the website not only lists paintings of the well-known Michel Canetti but also retro posters of Vintage Australia and Travel France to keep an eye on your preferred regional landscapes.


4 – To live the French experience

In a nutshell, the French Market is more than a website but an invitation to live the French experience wherever and whoever you are. In this way, the website already proposes the best deals to discover regions such as Alsace and its mythical “wine’s road”.


5 – To benefit from free shipping

The French Market has a true willingness to make France accessible to you. That is why it guarantees free delivery in the whole Australian territory.


Not convinced by these “5 reasons why”? Go to thefrenchmarket.com and find your own ones!






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