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This painting depicts the Ngurlu Jukurrpa (Native Seed Dreaming), associated with a placecalled Jaralypari, north of Yuendumu. Lukarrara is a speciesof Fimbristylis, a grass thatbears edible seeds in the winter-time. The seeds aretraditionally ground on a large stone (‘puturlu’) with a smaller stone (ngalikirri) to make flour. This flour is mixed with water (ngapa) to make small seed cakes. Sarah Napurrurla Leo (1971) is a warlpiri woman and lives in Yuendumu, NT (Central Desert, Australia). She paints Womens Dreaming, her Father’s stories, relating directly to her land, and featuring the plants and animals that inhabit it. She also paints her Mother’s Dreaming, the Native Seed Dreaming. Sarah uses an unrestricted palette to develop a modern interpretation of her traditional culture.

Size: 30 x 30 x 2cm

Shipping :

$45.00 in Australia & $65.00 worldwide



The artwork is accompanied by the official Aboriginal art centre’s certificate of authenticity. The artist’s complete biography will also be provided when available.



IDAIA is a French-Australian organisation specialised in contemporary Indigenous Australian art, based in Sydney and Paris. Passionate about strengthening the ethical contemporary Indigenous creation sector, we work primarily with the official Aboriginal art centres, that is the 90+ Indigenous-owned, not-for-profit artist cooperatives spread across Australia, and are a proud signatory member of the Indigenous Art Code.

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