Teisseire Green Mint Syrup (Sirop De Menthe Verte) 750ml


French Mint Teisseire Concentrated syrup has all the flavor you could ever want from a mint syrup – and a little DOES go a long way with this brand. One of the top-selling brands in France, it has no preservatives or harmful chemicals. It’s imported straight from France and it has a versatility you would expect from a French drink syrup. Add it to your desserts, homemade sodas, teas, or even in your milk. Put it in still or sparkling water to increase your fluid intake without all the sugar that traditional mint drinks and sodas can have.

But you can’t have a syrup that’s all-natural right? What’s in Mint Teisseire?

Sugar, water, glucose-fructose syrup (something has to make it syrup-y!), all natural mint flavoring, color (E160, E133) and ZERO preservatives. Add it to all of your favorite drinks, spice up a desert, sweeten your tooth without preservatives.

“But You Need Preservatives or It’ll Spoil!”

The French have been drinking syrups as long as they’ve… well, known how to make French drink syrups. Syrups are actually self-preserving, seeing as how they’re around 70% to 90% sucrose suspended in water. All the water is taken up by the syrup, so no microbial growth can occur.

If you love mint, give Teisseire’s Mint French syrup a try today!

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